Sponsorship Program

Dreamitcollectibles sponsorship program

What Exactly is the DreamITcollectibles Sponsorship Program? 

Here at DreamITcollectibles we strive for greatness!  We also strive for the best prices online and the best customer service around. This is why we offer sponsorship programs to content creators on any platform. Some of the benefits you will receive as being a part of the sponsorship will include:

  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Digital Codes.
  • Discount Codes for you and your Pokemon Community.
  • Exclusive Discord Channels.
  • Exclusive Merchandise before it becomes available to the public. 
  • Featured on all DreamITcollectibles digital media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  •  and Plenty More!

Twitch People you Must Watch

Sponsorship is currently being reworked to benefit both parties. Please check back soon for details.